Steve's Paddling Page

Harrell/Milanesi 1999

Note- all chords use drop D tuning

Hey! Come on and dance today

  That’s what I say! You’re gonna dance today

Get out on the floor

Come on and shake it some more

And just say Hey! I’m gonna dance today

Bb                        C
We don’t care, how you appear

Bb                                  C
Put down that beer, get over here


All the girls say hey! Come dance with me today

That’s what they say, you’re gonna dance today

Do whatever it takes, just a shimmy and a shake

I said Hey! Come on and dance away

Don’t be shy, you stiff white guy

Get on the floor, don’t be Al Gore


Guitar solo

I said Hey! You can dance today

Well Hey! Move it any ol' way

Let it all hang out

Just scream and shout

Hey! Watch me dance away

Shouldn’t care, how it appears

Put down that beer, get over here