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Student resources for intro to Java Programming

Curriculum Map for Intro to Programming
Class notes

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Study Guides for Java Tests

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JavaScript Guides

Textbooks and tutorials

Will's Buffered Reader Explanation

Fundamentals of Java Comprehensive

Author's website

Programming Job

Supplemental text
Teach Yourself Java 2 in 21 Days

Other sources

Java Notes text in pdf form

Learn Java online in four hours (at least a start)

Tutorials at Sun

Recommended outside reading


Sun Microsystems- the source

JCreator Freeware IDE- install this to write Java without the command prompt. Compiles and executes files. It is necessary to have a Java version installed first.

JGrasp in another useful IDE- This is the one used by the authors of the text. Try them all!

JBuilder This program by the Borland company is a full-fledged development package that includes VisualAge for drag and drop development.

Softronix Free version of MswLogo.


May 1, 2013