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Quick quiz inDesign Photoshop Illustrator
GraphicsNotesQuiz1 inDesign 1 study photoshop_1_study illustrator_1_study
Illustrator review 1 inDesign 2 study photoshop_2_study illustrator_2_study
Career Exploration inDesign 3 study photoshop_3_study illustrator_3_study
  inDesign 4 study photoshop_4_study illustrator_4_study
  inDesign 5 study photoshop_5_study illustrator_5_study
    PhotoShop tools study guide  
      illustrator short cuts
Study for final     Illustrator Final


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PhotoShop resources

There are many lessons and tutorials available on the public drive in the business_harrell/graphicarts folder

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December 11, 2012