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Exercise 9 RGB Composite

Open the following images from the Day2 source files folder:
Scan-001-color.jpg (audience)
Scan-002-color.jpg (dancers on beach)
Scan-003-color.jpg (stop sign and smoke stacks)

Clean up dirt and scratches on all pictures
Despeckle each picture (Filters > Noise > Despeckle)
Perform tonal correction on each picture (Image > Adjustments > levels > auto) to make the blacks and whites pure
Remove the power lines from Scan-003-color.jpg
Crop Scan-002-color.jpg, then select the dancers
Copy/paste the dancers to Scan-003-color.jpg
Rotate the dancers
Drag the background layer of Scan-001-color.jpg to Scan-003-color.jpg
Rename the new layer “audience”
Add a mask to the audience layer
Lower the opacity of the audience layer so the stop sign can be seen
Use the mask to allow the stop sign to show through
Select other elements to show through


all layers should be named

submit completed composition as a psd file

Tips for using printed images:
(courtesy of Kimo Oades)
Scan at twice the resolution you would otherwise use
Use the Gaussian Blur filter to blur the image just enough to get rid of the dots and patterns
Resample to half the resolution