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Graphic Arts

Logo Assignment 40 points

This assignment has 3 parts:

  1. Collect samples of 10 different business logos
  2. Write a paper that gives a brief evaluation of each logo
  3. Create your own logo using PhotoShop or Fireworks

Collect samples of 10 different business logos  view sample

You may copy/paste logos from the Internet, or scan in printed logos. Store you logos by placing them into a Microsoft Word Document. Logos should NOT be re-sized or otherwise altered.


Write an evaluation of each logo view sample (scroll down)

What gives this logo visual appeal? Describe the color scheme and layout of the logo (example; this logo uses red text over a drawing of ....). What is the size of this logo (in pixels or inches, please specify)? If the logo was found on the Internet; what is the file type? What is the file size? 20 points

Create your own logo view samples

Your logo must be created to be Internet ready.  Your logo may be created in Fireworks, Flash, or PhotoShop, but you may also use Irfan viewer, digital cameras, or scanners as needed. Your logo may not contain any copy-righted photos or text. Print versions for graphic arts students should be high-res (300 dpi) and may be created in any size, be must be saved in eps format. Your image will be judged with this criteria: Adherence to physical and file size stipulations (5 points each), use of color and layout (5 points), overall effectiveness 5 points-yes, this is subjective, but if I like it, you get the points) 20 points

If your logo is re-created for the web, t he Internet version will be in gif or jpg format, and may not exceed 30 kb in file size. It may be created as a banner (up to 600 x 100 pixels), or as a rectangular or circular image no larger than 300 x 300 pixels.

Other grading notes:

All text will be typed in a standard font and size; correct spelling and proper grammar are assumed. Errors will result in the reduction of points given. Completed projects should be dropped in the drop box with the files named in this manner:
Paper (sample logos and evaluations) should be named lastname_logoproject.doc
Your logo should be named lastname_logoimage.eps

Please clarify all concerns with Mr. Harrell before submitting your project to the dropbox.