Bitmapped images

You will need to understand what bitmapped images are and how they are created.

You need to identify various image file types, and understand how and when to use these file types.

You need to have an understanding of how color codes are created.

Here are some links to get you started. At minimum, you should read the information found at the links below, and take notes on the information. Your notes need to include explanation of (at least) the following graphics formats. DO NOT simply copy and paste the information; read and digest it before writing your own explanation. Expect a quiz!

save this word document as lastname_filetypes



Should your interest in a particular area lead you to search for deeper understanding, please do so.

About bitmapped images

Image file guide

Digital Formats Collection

A quick color explanation

Please be prepared to share your findings.

Quick exercise- (Do not begin the exercise until after your graphics file types and color code information has been checked)

Design an icon that measures 32 x 32 pixels. Use graphic paper to create your design, then transfer it to the computer (hint-zoom!). Please list the hexadecimal codes for at least 2 colors that you have used. How many bytes does your icon use? Save this image file as a bmp and name it lastname_icon


Add a link and description of this assignment to your portfolio doc.